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Dear Friends,

We have just completed a busy year for our eruv! We welcomed our new Rav HaMakhshir, Rabbi Chaim Jachter who just completed a two-day review of the eruv and was impressed with how the eruv is set up. He did make some recommendations for revisions – some of which will make checking easier – and we are working on implementing them. We are also fortunate to have two rabbis from our community who have given generously of their time helping to keep the eruv running – Rabbis David Roth and Dani Passow – thank you both!

We continue to rely on our own community members for the weekly checking of the eruv. We have lost a few long-time checkers (moved from the area) and although we have gained new members willing to check we are still in need of additional volunteers. We are sensitive to not over-taxing our current checkers and would encourage you to consider carving out time to help with this important service to the community.

The Board is trying to keep the annual dues as stable as possible. We have had, and anticipate having, moderate construction expenses due to numerous construction projects in the area. The expenses include paying Dan (our contractor) and covering costs such as materials and police details (necessary along the busier portions of the eruv). There are also costs involved in Rabbi Jachter’s visits to inspect the eruv. The suggested membership contributions are:

Suggested Membership Contribution Levels

 Families with Children
$550 Families with two incomes
$325 Families with one income
 Those without Children
$175 Per working adult
$50 Per student or non-working adult
 Volunteer Alternative
2-4 hrs.  
/ month
Checking Eruv before 2:00 PM on Thursday

Finally, the Board would like to thank several of its members who are stepping down: longtime board member and outgoing Secretary Aviva Rothman-Shore; long-standing Treasurer Emily Appelbaum – good luck in Washington, DC; and Daniel Rosen, who is heading to married life in New York – mazal tov! Rachel Spiller has been off of the Board for a couple of years but remains quite involved in community relations and checking the eruv.

We anticipated some of the above changes to the Board and are grateful that Amy Robert continues to help coordinate the eruv checkers and thank Meyer Potashman for stepping up to the role of Treasurer. We also welcome Jonathan Roth as our newest member.

We hope this is a happy and healthy year for everyone! We would again encourage people to support the eruv not only financially but to consider volunteering time to help with checking (generally 1-2 times per month).Membership contributions also will include you in a weekly email before Shabbat noting the status of the eruv. These can be made online at (the preferred option), or can be mailed to North Charles Community Eruv, PO Box 381051, Cambridge, MA 02238-1051. If you have any questions please email us at:

Shana Tova,

Oren Weisberg
President, North Charles Community Eruv, Inc.