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Dear Friends,

Shana tova! We hope everyone has had a good year.

We are pleased to provide an overview of the status of the NCCE over this past year. During this time our community has kept the eruv functioning with relatively few interruptions. We were also successful in navigating the largest expansion in the eruv since its inception. Thanks to the leadership of Rabbi Chaim Jachter (our Rav HaMakhshir) the expansion was accomplished with a minimum of disruption and has actually made checking one section of the eruv easier. With the expansion, the eruv now encompasses a part of Tufts University in Medford.

We are pleased that Rabbis David Roth and Dani Passow continue to provide local rabbinic support and we appreciate their efforts in this important community endeavor.

We are also appreciative of the hard work and dedication of the eruv checkers. This volunteer group does tremendous work in allowing the eruv to function on a week in- week out basis. We are in need of additional eruv checkers to help ease the responsibility of those who are currently checking. This entails a commitment to check about once every three weeks.

A big thank you goes out to Rachel Spiller who continues her tireless efforts to keep the eruv up during the year. She works behind the scenes with local police officials, politicians and construction companies helping address complications which could cause the eruv to be down on any given Shabbat.

With the additional end of year match in 2018 the finances were in good standing. We have determined that no additional increase in dues are needed this year. We will continue to assess the eruv’s financial stability during the course of the year and will come back to the community for additional help if circumstances necessitate it.

Suggested Membership Contribution Levels

 Families with Children
$650 Families with two incomes
$360 Families with one income
 Members without Children
$200 Per working adult
$54 Per student or non-working adult
 Volunteer Alternative
2-4 hours  
/ month
Checking eruv one or two Wednesdays or Thursdays each month

Thanks as always to our dedicated Board members Meyer Potashman, Amy Robert, Jon Roth and Avi Klausner. As mentioned above Rachel Spiller continues as a checker, coordinator of repairs and manager of community relations.

We would again encourage people to become members of the eruv by supporting it financially and/or by volunteering to help with checking. Contributions can be made online at or can be mailed to the address above. Please email us with questions:

We hope this year is a happy and healthy one for everyone. Shana Tova,

Oren Weisberg
President, North Charles Community Eruv, Inc.

Contributions and Assistance
Tax-deductible Contributions        Volunteering Time/Resources
Donate with a credit card through Network for Good

Or send checks to:
P.O. Box 381051
Cambridge, MA 02238

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